About us:

Purelitz is a leading supplier of superior quality lighting solutions and is at the forefront in defining the future of smart and green energy light sources in Middle Eastern market. Purelitz delivers LED products which enable architects, designers and contractors to create beautiful, smart spaces in which people love to live, work and shop. Purelitz delivers the products with excellent optics that provide the necessary beam control to maximize the quality of light while minimizing the loss of light.

What sets us apart:

Purelitz’s expert team of in-house Lighting Designers, Electrical Engineers and R&D takes utmost care in every single step of the distribution process – Product Identification (relationship between Lumens, CRI, Heat dissipation, Lumen/CRI decay and many other properties), Product Costing (Product design, LED Chip make, Lumens output, Driver make, scene of the requirement, CCT of LED, CRI, etc.), Manufacturer Selection (visit manufacturing site, validate certifications, review raw material suppliers, warranty, etc.),  Product Delivery (deliver consistent CCT / CRI products for the complete order, save the bin for future orders, etc.) and Logistics. These set of services are further strengthened by our technical team and QC experts who ensure that the products we offer are tested and validated thoroughly and provide guidance in your LED lighting requirements. Purelitz also prides it-selves on excellent stock availability and delivery service, a level of service unequaled in the industry. Owing to all these factors our products provide strategic advantage and competitive edge to all its customers. We take pride in announcing that our products and technical service is just one of the reasons why more and more Installers, Designers and Consultants are switching to Purelitz for all of their LED requirements.

What we offer:

Purelitz covers complete suite of LED lighting products along with expert assistance for Lighting Designers and Installers to translate lighting concepts into solutions. Purelitz will deliver complete go to market solutions at affordable cost with its h2 experience and wide selection of products. All the products supplied are manufactured to the highest standards in design, quality, and reliability.

Our Product range includes:

  • Downlights, Ceiling lights & Spot lights
  • Track Lights
  • LED Strips
  • Decorative Lights
  • LED Panels
  • Lighting Controls

Our Commitment:

Deliver quality products and services to the customers.